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Clip Wizard

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Clip Wizard is the Max for Live device you were waiting for years :) It allows to load clips onto you session and arranger with your MIDI controller in a blink of a eye. FEATURES Session/Arranger: Quickly switch between the Views. Browser: Focus on the Browser. Beats/Free: Manages the scroll function and loading of sounds freely or by beats. X10: Speeds up the scrolling. Load Files: Import sounds into the Session or Arrangement Show Similar Files: Find similar sounds to the selected one (Ableton 12 ONLY). 1 Wheel: Scrolls the Browser. 2 Wheel: Scrolls the Tracks. 3 Wheel: Scrolls the Scenes. 4 Wheel: Scrolls the Playback position. < > : Move back and forth on the arrangement to chose when to place the sound. All controls are mappable this will make your workflow insanely fast, trust me :) THIS DEVICE IS COMPATIBLE WITH ABLETON LIVE SUITE 11 AND 12 !