About Me

Echoes of Resilience

Ostin Solo has crafted a unique space in the world of music with a foundation in classical training. Ostin's journey has been marked by passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to the art, often working behind the scenes to nurture and support the broader industry.

Musical Beginnings

From a young age of 11, Ostin was immersed in the world of classical music at an Italian conservatory, honing his skills on the violin and piano. By 16, he was recognized with a diploma in solfeggio, signaling a promising start in the music field.

Transition to Techno

The rhythm and energy of techno soon captivated Ostin. This led him to parallel his solo classical performances with the communal energy of DJing, earning respect and opportunities to work alongside notable figures like The Advent and Eric Sneo.

Macrowave: A Cultural Movement

Inspired by the significant experimental music festival "Flussi" and artists like Alva Noto, whom Ostin worked with as an audio engineer during the Italian gig, he founded Macrowave. This movement was not just about techno - it introduced Italy to the likes of Dax J and Urbano and embraced experimental music, scouting talents from surrounding conservatories. Beyond music, Macrowave celebrated visual mapping and innovative installations like "Whoami" developed by Francesco Matarazzo. Jazz, too, was an essential component, reflecting Ostin's versatile musical palette when he gathered together 24-hour events with an entourage from acoustic music to electronic vibes.

Return, Innovations, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Feeling the constraints of techno's boundaries, Ostin's dedication led him back to Italy. His drive to innovate saw the birth of the AI technology, "Whoami," which mirrored audience emotions and movements, fostering a unique concert experience. Ostin's ventures also extended to the management of four regional clubs, further entrenching his influential role in Italy's music scene.

Confronting Challenges and Advocacy

Ostin faced personal challenges, including burnout and mental health struggles. Yet, his resilience shone through. He responded by founding a professional recording studio in southern Italy, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for artists.

Merging Classical and Modern Soundscapes

In England, Ostin pursued further education in audio engineering, complementing his initial degree in Technology and Media applied to Music and Composition. Ostin's groundbreaking work included scripting scores for orchestras, with special emphasis on an immersive sound experience using 40 strategically placed speakers for a memorial with the Italian conservatory orchestra, blending live electronics and live foley to recreate a profound audio experience.

Exploration in London

London became a hub for Ostin's continued exploration. Here, he delved deeper into computer language, software development, and advanced sound design. Ostin worked to create a sound that married avant-pop with deconstructed music, weaving emotions into a novel auditory narrative.

Forthcoming Projects and Innovations

"Echoes of Resilience," Ostin's upcoming EP, captures the essence of his musical journey. Beyond music, Ostin is venturing into technological innovations, including a vocal-command instrument for Ableton and cutting-edge music controller apparel.

In the Public Eye

Ostin has shared insights and experiences on platforms like YouTube, discussing VR discoveries and projects in one interview, and sharing his experiences as an art director here. Additionally, his contribution to the sound design and arrangement of the Grammy-nominated short film, FALLEN, speaks volumes about his music journey.