23 Nov 2023 ASA is designed to enhance your experience in Ableton Live 11. ASA allows you to control with you voice more than 140 commands, making your workflow easier and more efficient. Excellent for production sessions and rehearsals.

Back From The Fire 26.10.23

In Back From The Fire, I wanted to explore the female vocal format and the use of a different musical system merged with the European system. The drums are made by an algorithm that creates other parts like snares and stretched ramps, using popular Max for Live devices, such as Robert Henke's Granulator II, loading buffers across the track to create a dragging effect in cached real-time. The kick drum pattern is unusually broken, making the track harder to categorise into a specific genre. Mariano Sibilia (Mixing collaboration) Beau Thomas (Ten Eight Seven Mastering)

Lights Down_music video

23 April 2023 An exciting collaboration with the artist Mariano Sibilia and the Hong Kong-based electronic music label Absurd TRAX. The project, inspired by the character Lain from the acclaimed Japanese anime series "Serial Experiments Lain," showcases a futuristic approach to electronic music production and video-sync in anime-style. The video and the track itself pay homage to the groundbreaking anime series, which explores themes of identity, technology, and the blurring lines between the real and virtual worlds. The music video for "Lights Down" features stunning visuals that capture the essence of the anime's aesthetic, while the electronic soundtrack pushes the boundaries of conventional music production. Yraki's The music in "Lights Down" features a captivating bassline that resonates throughout the track, while the sound evokes nostalgia reminiscent of 8-bit video games. The groove of the track is almost house-like, creating an infectious rhythm that draws the listener in. The ambient elements in the music give the sensation of flashbacks and solemnity, contributing to the overall captivating mood of the piece. It creates a truly immersive and futuristic listening experience. Absurd TRAX AT Yraki - Lights Down (Music Video)