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Hello fellow music creators! This is a bundle for Ableton a series of Max for Live devices that seamlessly integrates Spotify, Soundcloud, Discord and Max for Live cloud within Ableton Live Suite. I'm Ostin, a passionate developer dedicated to enhancing your Ableton experience. Your encouragement keeps me going, and it's a huge boost to my mental health and productivity. As the curator of VSTOPIA on Instagram, I'm on a mission to revitalize our community. I'm seeking enthusiastic team members to help transform our space into a vibrant hub where we can share ideas, elevate our music, and showcase our creations. Your support and engagement fuel my passion and significantly boost both my mental health and productivity. I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey. Let’s work together, share our passions, and make our music better than ever. Your input and enthusiasm are what make this all possible. Stay connected and access free tools by subscribing here to updates at Your involvement makes all of this possible, and I'm grateful for your participation Thank you for being part of this adventure.